I am well read, no? I am well red, yes?

This is the company that has sponsored me to help me upgrade my equipment. So big thank you goes to David at Jader

I am well read, no? I am well red, yes?
Two different sentences. They mean very different things. They would both be quite true. I have not
read all these books, but in my life, I have read and finished many books. I have been having slightly
red in colour hair, despite seeing my 56th year recently. It could have been greyer by this time in life.
“What is this writing about”, I think you wonder. Can you not feel the truth? That is all it is about.
Truth. Not THE truth, just truth.
It does cause a conflict in me at times when people feel that it is alright to tell a lie to me, can I tell a
lie? I take what people say at face value at times. Other times I allow them to make the choice to lie
as if it is alright. This might make me gullible. I have always said that the day my gullibility disappears
shall be the day I become guilty. Perhaps this day shall never come. I hope so.
I decided to help the John Durrant’ project as he is needing a new laptop to help his good work.
This would benefit my company JADER Ltd as it is that company donating some money to him. We
get the mention, we get to say we are working on the Buku project creating the j Count® program.
John’s project which highlights Mental Health is close to my heart as I am Bipolar. I see things very
strangely. Or not. When I explain my connected Universe to another, it can seem rather unplausible.
It is not, it is quite real, same as yours, I can assure you of this.
That is all.
David A Robertson, BSc (Hons.), MSc, HNC, MBCS


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