Step by step…..

Hello fellow fighters of mental health.  I went to another Heart and minds group last night, which was great by the way, but on the way there, I was chatting to my partner and we discussed the path we use to get into a better mental health frame of mind.

My partner said that a lot of people, especially myself, want to get a cure over night, but it doesn’t work that way unfortunately.  So my partner said it’s a lot like washing up.  You can’t just throw everything into the sink and wash it up.  Think about it, you put your hands into the hot soapy suds and bang, you cut yourself on a knife, then the dishes are all greasy from the fat from the pans, there’s no room to wash anything as it’s all crammed with pots and pans.

So like our recovery journey, we have to do things step by step.  First we wash the glasses, then the cups (the steps to start us off) the suds are now going down a bit, (our energy is depleting) so we then wash the plates.  Time for a rest, and a change of water. (I see this as we need a rest during your journey) We refill, (refresh ourselves) then do the cutlery and finally the pots and pans.  (We have reached a goal) All steps needed to get everything clean and organised.

This analogy shows us there are steps we need to do to make sure everything is done right.  We also need to do the washing up every day, which is exactly what we need to do with our mental health.  It’s a daily process, no skipped steps, ok sometimes we only need to wash a cup or a plate, but these are the days we need to be kinder to ourselves, time to recharge our energy and get stronger with every day.

It might sound like a daft analogy, but makes total sense to me ….hope it does to you too 🙂

I think we all want to get better quicker, but I know through experience, it doesn’t work that way.  We need the tools to succeed and taking tiny steps is the only way we can really do that.  I am still learning to be kinder to myself, and not judge so harshly.  We are all guilty of that!  It doesn’t matter how long our journey takes us, it’s the taking part and believing in ourselves that matter.

I’d love to hear your analogies, it’s interesting how we all see things differently, and your way may help someone else through this journey.

I want to wish you all great mental health, remind you, you’re not alone, and you have definitely got this.

Have a great day,  John

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