Zoe Botten Communities Officer

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have been a part of with East Suffolk Council. Your contribution, honesty and sharing of your experience regarding your mental health journey has been incredible. I know that your frank discussions with the young people have helped them enormously, by giving them advise, support, strategies and above all hope. I very much look forward to working with you again and delivering the invaluable project of Crucial Crew Plus.

Laura Drysdale Restoration trust Director

The Restoration Trust has been collaborating with John Durrant for several years now, and he is a member of our Expert Board. John is an incredibly gifted communicator who can connect with all kinds of people. He helps to break down barriers that stop people from enjoying life and experiencing good mental health.

Beth Stephens Access Community Trust

To have experienced what he has and be so passionate and determined to use these experiences to help others makes John one of those people you really want to know. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside John a number of times, and witnessed him first hand commit too stepping outside of his comfort zone, developing his skills and confidence and using his expertise in his experience to help, support and educate others. He has worked with Access in to engage young people in schools, delivering workshops and supporting them in understanding and seeking support for their mental health, aswell as delivering training sessions to new members of staff at Access to embed understanding of how best to work with people experiencing mental health challenges.  John’s ability to engage with people from a place of truth and authenticity is both inspiring and necessary if we are to ensure the voice of lived experience is heard, valued and acted upon.

Emma Ratzer MBE Chief Executive Officer Access Community trust

John has supported Access for many years with a variety of projects ranging from delivering Crucial Crew training to young people, sitting on interview panels and guest speaking at large events. John is an amazing advocate for lived experience and provides honest and genuine reflections that educate us all. Proud to include John as part of Access #wearefamily.

Luke Money

  Hello John,  I just wanted to pass on that i thought you done a cracking job tonight. you held it together with an air of a professional. Your speech was sincere and got the point across efficiently. If i were to confess i most often than not find those kind of talks somewhat cringeworthy when the balance of personal background and actual point is not  married up correctly but i can say with confidence you delivered your section “on point”. You have a natural talent  geezer. Well played 

Anooshka Rawde

@LWMHhelp John you were fantastic in the @RestoTrust@Baring_Found launch of Creatively Minded. Amazing to hear the impact of the programme on your health, confidence and imagination. Thanks for sharing.

Baring Foundation

Thanks to John @LWMHhelp who spoke inspiringly about his personal experience of joining a heritage and creativity project for the launch of our new report!


At launch of @RestoTrust creativity and mental health in heritage settings report launch. First inspirational talk by @LWMHhelp – well done John – good luck with all the blogs and podcasts! You were great 🙂

Joan a Hart and mind Participant

Hi John,
I’m writing to congratulate you on how well you put across your story yesterday. It was very open and honest and gave me a much better realization of what it must be like for you. I could tell how nervous you were at times by the way you were continually moving about – but somehow that made the subject of mental illness easier for me to start to understand.
I’m sure with your help far more people will gain a greater understanding of this complex subject.

Sarah Hart and mind Participant

I’m more than happy for you to post my message with my name included. Hopefully the tooth will not be so troublesome now. 

Pat Hart and mind Participant

I just want to say thank you for your bravery in sharing your experiences with us. It can’t be the easiest thing to do. I wouldn’t want to stand and talk in front of strangers let alone about personal thoughts and feelings. I think you helped many people understand more and think about others and their feelings. May I wish you the very best for your future and ask you to keep helping others to understand these issues. You are the kind one. Sharing your life story with us was both brave and helpful.

Zannah Salter

Beautiful testimonial from John Durrant @LWMHhelp about his experience with @RestoTrust Burgh Castle Almanac supporting his wellbeing during a difficult time. Hearty applause and well deserved



Andrew Hutcheson PhD FSA MCIfA Research Fellow

 Laura and John spoke powerfully and with great insight into the necessity for programmes building on this work and taking it further into mainstream medical practice in this time of crisis. John’s honesty about his experiences of poor mental health and the difference that the work of the Restoration Trust has made to his life were for me the highlight of the day.