Winning feels great!!!!

Hey everyone hope you are all well and good I hope you all had a cracking Christmas.  I’m going to talk to you about the anxiety I had over the Christmas period but got a really good out come from it.  I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of blogs and podcast.  I was in the process of upgrading my equipment, and should be back to regular posting from now on.

So, Christmas eve. me and my partner were going to get our meat from the butchers my partner was in the queue and I just had an idea to make some homemade sausage rolls. I have never done this before, so didn’t have a clue where to start.  Every time I wanted to make them, I would start to panic and feel really nervous, so I kept telling people I was going to do them after we got the sausage meat.  I was little excited about making them but also was worrying all the time.

That’s the joy of hearing voices and some of them being negative, telling me I’m no good, I’m useless, I’ll never be able to this.  So, listening to these negative a’holes, got me down a bit, but I bounced back and really had a good Christmas.   It was the Wednesday after I finally picked up the courage to cook them.  I started to make them after my partner explained to me what to do, then I called her through to see if I was doing it right.  I was a little bit off with the pastry rolling, but with my partners helped I got back on track.  I managed to finish them of and got them in the oven. 

This might seem silly to you, but I have now got a sense of pride, and I can now add another skill to my cooking abilities. I honestly feel like I’m walking on air that’s how good it’s made me feel, something to be proud of myself again.

Reasons to try new things:-

1st   I didn’t let my anxiety or my voices beat me. 

2nd I proved to myself that I can do things that I have never done before.

3rd  They’re  blooming tasty hahaha.

Thank you for reading I wish you all good mental health and thank you for your continued support.


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